Restaurant- Le Bar Rouge

le entrance!
le interior!
I kicked off my weekend with an after-work visit to Le Rouge with friends. Located in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), Le Rouge is one of celebrity chef Melker Andersson's restaurants and is his homage to all things French. The restaurant is actually divided into two... the restaurant proper, Brasserie Le Rouge, with entrance via Brunnsgränd and then the bar, Le Bar Rouge, with the entrance on Österlånggatan. The interior design in both is fantastical and the same... Paris at the turn of the century. Lots of red velvet with gold fringe. A cross between Moulin Rouge and a French brothel (in the best way possible)... you keep waiting for Nicole Kidman to swing by on a chandelier! We spent our evening at Le Bar which is a watering hole for Stockholmers and a great place to meet over a glass of champagne. The menu here is as French as it is in the restaurant though a bit more relaxed and you will find all your favorites... chevré chaud, moules frites, duck paté and steak tartare. What I really like about their menu is that they have several typical dishes in appetizer form which are great to combine with each other and have with cocktails. If you are more in the mood for a traditional and relaxing dinner, then head next door to their restaurant... otherwise Le Bar is the perfect place for a drink and a bite to eat after sightseeing in Gamla Stan! Easy (10 minute) walking distance from the Rival Hotel, both the bar and the restaurant are open everyday except Sunday.
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