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Restaurant Hantverket

I really haven't made many posts about restaurants over the past year... for obvious reasons. Even though restaurants have been open with restrictions in Sweden during the pandemic (closing at 8pm, limited amount of people at a table, etc), I just haven't gone out much with the exception of last summer when I visited several arhcipelago restaurants. But with the vaccinations rolling out and the numbers of infections dropping, I am starting to get out again! I visited the restaurant Hantverket  last week with a Les Clefs d'Or colleague for lunch. The restaurant has been open for a few years and has a great reputation. It has been on my list of places to visit but things kept getting in the way. One of my closest friends actually worked there for a while and invited me to stop by for dinner and even then plans fell apart. So, I was very happy to finally get a chance to visit! And the restaurant definitely lived up to its reputation. Translated, Hantverket means "the craf

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