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Slussen... What on Earth is Happening There?

Slussen means "the water locks" in Swedish and is the name of the area in Stockholm, between Gamla Stan (old town) and Södermalm, where locks connect the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren. There have been locks here, in some form or another, since the mid 1600's. Not many visitors understand that Stockholm sits astride the border of the lake and sea, with water flowing out into the Baltic on either side of Gamla Stan, making water locks necessary for boat traffic and to control waterflow. Besides the boat traffic, Slussen's strategic location makes it a large transportation hub for trains, subways, cars and busses. Every day, thousands and thousands of people pass through, over or under Slussen.
These days, however, if you mention "Slussen" to a Stockholmer, you will likely get a groan or an eye-roll, maybe even a choice expletive. This is because Slussen is now a massive construction project and it is not expected to be finished until 2025. Not only is it an un…

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