This Weekend!

December 10th, 11th and 12th

"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight,we're happy tonight.Walking in a winter wonderland..."

  • As I mentioned earlier this week (scroll down to previous blog entry), tonight (Friday) is the Nobel Prize Awards ceremony and dinner. Nothing much for visitors to see... but be aware of possible traffic problems in the downtown area around the different venues.
  •  St Lucia Day is next Monday, but you can experience the tradition already this weekend at Skansen. There will be a Lucia concert in the Seglora church at 1 and 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Combine the concert with a visit to their Christmas market which is open both days from 10am to 4pm.  
  • And speaking of Christmas markets, two very special markets are opening this weekend. The Beckmans School of Design is having their annual, and very popular, Christmas market. The perfect place to buy a one of a kind designed present or ornament. Open between 11am and 5 pm both Saturday & Sunday, it is located in Östermalm. The second special market is for you history buffs... The History Museum is having their Viking Christmas Market this weekend with music, archery, and historical handicrafts, Between 11am and 5pm (closes at 4pm on Sunday). 
  • The photography museum, Fotografiska, has a new exhibition by the photographer Christopher Makos. It is a unique series of photos showing Andy Warhol as his alter-ego Lady Warhol. It is a world premiere for this exhibition which runs through to March 20th. And tonight (Friday) at 6pm, Christopher Makos will be at the museum signing his book "Lady Warhol".

For Wildlife Lovers... while walking the waterfront in the Old Town or taking the ferry to Djurgården this weekend, keep your eyes open! A grey seal has been spotted several times this week swimming near the palace. It is not that common of an event, but biologists say that this will become more and more common as the seal population in the Baltic Sea grows. They are shy creatures, but you might be lucky to see a seal bobbing in the waters around Stockholm.

The weather this weekend? Between -2 and -10 degres Celsius. Overcast with chance of snow flurries!


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