Royal Palace Sprint

There is a fun annual event coming up this month, March 16th to be exact. It's the Royal Palace Sprint, a cross country skiing competition taking place in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) right in the heart of Stockholm. The course is set around the Royal Palace and if all of the snow in the city has melted then they truck in new snow! There are not many professional skiing competitions that take place in the middle of a city and there usually is a fun atmosphere. This race is part of the World Cup finals so all of the big ski stars usually show up to race for valuable points before heading up to Falun in the north and the distance events. The races (Men & Women) go on all afternoon with the following approximate times:
Qualification round: 2pm
Opening ceremonies: 3:30pm
Quarter finals: 3:45pm
Semifinals: 4:30pm
Finals: 5pm
Award ceremonies: 5:30pm

The Royal Palace is easy to get to from the Rival Hotel... just a 15 minute walk. Otherwise you can take the subway to the Gamla Stan station (red & green lines).


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