Restaurant B.A.R.

Also known as Blasieholmen's Akvarium och Restaurang, B.A.R. is a relatively new restaurant owned by the same fellows (Henrik Norström and Peter Johansson) that own Michelin star restaurant Lux Stockholm. I was here last night with my colleagues from the Rival Hotel. We go out a few times a year together to try new restaurants and B.A.R. was at the top of our list. This is deconstructed dining at its best. Designed like an indoor market place (saluhall), diners walk up to the counter and choose the cut of meat, filet of fish or shellfish they want... then order the side orders and sauces from the waitstaff. There is even an aquarium filled with spry lobsters waiting to be chosen. There are also "constructed" dishes on the menu (as well and starters and desserts) but I would recommend going for making your own entree. The meat, fish and shellfish are fresh and of the highest quality.
The waitstaff are very knowledgeable, but even the service is deconstructed. Bottles of water and wine that you order are placed on the table and it is left up to you to pour yourself a glass. Personally, I find this refreshing and it frees up the waitstaff to concentrate on the food. On Sundays the counter is closed and instead they have a special menu of skewers (fish & shellfish and meat). You get two skewers of any combination and then choose your own sauces and side orders at the counter. One word of advice: this restaurant has become quite popular so it is good to book a table in advance, which you can do by e-mailing or calling the restaurant (info on their website linked above) or contacting me if you are guests at the Rival Hotel.
The restaurant is located in the downtown area, a stone's throw from Kungsträdgården and the Royal Palace. The closest subway station is Kungsträdgården (blue line). Click here for other reviewed restaurants!


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