Restaurant: Pontus! and Pontus Seafood Bar

Open kitchen at the Seafood Bar
(EDIT: The Seafood Bar has now changed name and concept. It is now Pocket, Pontus remains the same)
Restaurant Pontus!, located in downtown Stockholm, has been open since 2007 and is run by celebrity chef Pontus Frithiof, along with his popular Pontus by the Sea in Gamla Stan. The White Guide ranked Pontus! this year as one of the top 10 restaurants in Stockholm. The restaurant has recently gone through some renovations and changes and I stopped by yesterday to check out these changes and try their new Seafood Bar (a restaurant within the restaurant).
Colorful ceviche...
The main dining room on the basement level with its quirky interior has thankfully stayed the same... the changes have mainly come to their street level. Their entrance has moved just around the corner to the street Norrlandsgatan and they've expanded, adding a sleek new bar and lounge. Another new addition is their Seafood Bar at street level. The design is very modern, in stark contrast to the cozy-at-home feel of the downstairs dining room, with a large open kitchen in the center of the room. The menu, as the name suggests, is pure seafood... caviar, shellfish and fish of all sorts. You will find classic Swedish dishes as well as grilled and cold dishes (ceviche, sashimi, etc;).  

The downstairs dining room Pontus!


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