Restaurant Kryp In

Kryp In is a great restaurant, located in Gamla Stan, serving modern Swedish cuisine. I really can't recommend this restaurant enough... it is one of my favorite restaurants to visit and to send hotel guests to. The location is great. Right in the middle of the historic Old Town, it is still on a side street which means that it isn't "touristy" and relatively quiet compared with restaurants located on the busier streets. The name kryp in means to "crawl in" and my guess is that this comes from the fact that it is an old building, dating back from the Middle Ages, and that the doorways are low... people were, after all, shorter back in the day! Once inside, the best way to describe the restaurant is cozy. There are three smaller dining rooms, giving the restaurant a real intimate feeling. Kryp In is a restaurant better suited to romantic couples than larger groups!
The food is fantastic... modern Swedish cuisine mixed with some classic local dishes. By modern Swedish cuisine, I mean that they use Swedish produce in international dishes. For example, Reindeer roast beef with Jerusalem artichoke créme, gooseberries and onion compote,Västerbotten cheese flavoured potato purée, sundried lingon berries and red wine sauce. A personal favorite! Don't miss the warm cloudberries from Lapland (called hjortron) on vanilla ice cream with whipped cream... a local treat. To top it all off, the service at Kryp In is warm and personable.
For several years I have had the restaurant as one of my hidden gems. I always sent our hotel guests, knowing that they would be very happy. The restaurant has gained in popularity over the past few years thanks to word of mouth and myself and other hotel concierge. They now top the lists of restaurants in Stockholm on Trip Advisor! Good news for the restaurant, but bad news for me as it is harder to get a table there at the last minute. I'm sure this blog entry won't help matters! If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me and I will help you with making a table reservation. Thank you to my colleague Micke L who visited the restaurant last week and provided me with the pictures.


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