Stockholm on the List of 50 Best Restaurants in the World

The final restaurant award of the season! The annual list of the 50 best restaurants in the world has been announced... and it is good news for the restaurant Frantzén/Lindeberg who has moved up the list to #12. Mathias Dahlgren, another great Stockholm restaurant, unfortunately slipped off the list and came in at 55th place (still not too shabby!). Read the judges verdict about Frantzén/Lindeberg, which has also been awarded 2 Michelin stars this year, by clicking here. (EDIT: ironically enough, it was just announced today, a few minutes after I wrote this blog post, that the chef duo are "splitting up". An amicable split, but now the restaurant will just go by the name Restaurant Frantzén).
Now, if you feel that Frantzén is a little out of your budget... then I have some good news for you! They have recently opened their own take on an English pub, gourmet style but with great prices, called The Flying Elk. It is located in Gamla Stan right around the corner from Restaurant Frantzén. I haven't eaten there yet, but I have visited both their cocktail bar (Corner Club) and wine bar (Gaston), which are located at the same address, and I have tried both the Truffel Burger and their version of the pulled pork sandwich. Both were fantastic! I am planning a visit to The Flying Elk and will write more then! Stay tuned...
In the meanwhile, click here if you wish to read more restaurant awards and guides from this and past seasons.


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