August 20, 2013

Crayfish Season!

August is the month for eating crayfish in Sweden. Generally Swedes have a party at home called a kräftskiva where they eat the little critters along with bread and hard cheeses as well as other delicacies. Of course, the all important akvavit/snaps is a must along with singing the drinking songs that usually accompany snaps. It tends to be a messy affair as you eat crayfish with your hands! Funny looking bibs and hats keep you looking festive and relatively clean. The crayfish are traditionally caught in Swedish waters, though these days a large number are imported from the US, Turkey and China, and then cooked with salt and dill.
If you are visiting Stockholm in the coming week or so, and don't know any Swedes who can introduce you to this tradition, then don't worry... you can try these bright red delicacies in several restaurants around the city. Though you may have to bring your own funny hats...

There are, I am sure, many other restaurants serving crayfish during these weeks... but the ones above are favorites of mine. If you are coming late in August, you might want to double check with the restaurant of your choice... not all of them have crayfish on the menu throughout the month. The pictures here were taken last week when I was at a friend's summer house for a kräftskiva.

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