Restaurant Pastis

It has been awhile since I have written about any restaurants. This isn't because I have been a recluse, more because the restaurants I have visited in the past few weeks have been repeats of favorite restaurants I have already written about... like celebrating my birthday at Boqueria and a work dinner at Bistro Süd. But this past weekend I have visited a couple of new (for me) restaurants!
Pastis on the cobble-stone streets of Gamla Stan.
First out was a dinner with a friend at Pastis in Gamla Stan ("the old town"). For those of you who don't know, pastis is a very French, anise-flavored liqueur with well known brands including Pernod and Ricard. As the name suggests, Pastis is French styled bistro reminiscent of the charming, neighbourhood restaurants found in most French villages. It is a small, cozy restaurant (I counted 20 seats indoors) with tables close to one another and French belle epoque prints decorating the walls.
The food and wine are, of course, French as well. My friend and I opted for the same dinner... a bruschetta with duck rillette as our appetizer followed by Moules Marinières (mussels cooked in white wine, cream and garlic) for our main course. For dessert we shared a selection of French cheese. All of it delicious! The menu, like the restaurant, isn't huge... but there are plenty of French favorites to be found, like Chèvre Chaud, Steak Tatare, Poulet la Comtesse and Crème Brulée. But of course!
Moules Marinières! Mmmm...
A perfect restaurant for francophiles as well as those of you who wish for a taste of the Continent while visiting Scandinavia. Pastis is located in Gamla Stan, next to the statue of St George slaying the dragon, and is a mere 15 minute walk from the Rival Hotel on Södermalm. As I mentioned, this is a small restaurant so booking in advance is recommended! If you will be staying at the Rival, contact me for help. Otherwise send them an e-mail at Click here for other restaurant recommendations.
Stortorget at night... a two minute walk from Pastis.


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