Pitcher's Sports Bar & Restaurant

Last week I was at the premiere of a new restaurant, called Pitcher's, which opened up next door to the Rival Hotel. Welcome to the neighbourhood! This is a combination restaurant, pub and sports bar. In fact, it is part of a Sweden-wide franchise... though this is the first one in Stockholm. It is quite a large locale with two floors and several bars. I talked to a member of the staff on opening night and he explained that they are a "soft" sports bar, which means that, while they do have TVs showing live sporting events, the sound is muted so that diners can still enjoy their meal. He did mention that if there is a big sporting event going on (playoffs, world championships, grand slam, etc;) then they will have the sound on in certain parts of the restaurant. As I mentioned, it is a large locale!
Restaurant area, with booths...
As it was the premiere evening, I didn't have a chance to try the menu, except for the hors d'oeuvres they served... but I had a look at the menu and it seems to be a mix of classic Swedish and American dishes (including several "gourmet" hamburgers). The interior of the newly renovated locale resembles an upscale British golf pub... with brass, leather, dark wood and tartan.
Bar area...
 As a concierge I am happy with the addition of a sports bar in the neighbourhood, even if it is a "soft" sports bar. We do have two sports TV channels at the hotel, but every once in awhile we do get guests who are interested in a sporting event that is not being shown on either Swedish TV or one of the sports channels. For example, a rugby game (not popular in Sweden) or maybe a more obscure Italian Serie A football match. Now our guests don't have to go too far to enjoy the game! There are, of course, many other sports bars and pubs in the city (like the newly opened Tolv Stockholm at Tele2 Arena)... just talk to me, if you are staying at the hotel, and I will give you some options. In the meantime, you can have a look at the list put together by What's Up Sthlm (in Swedish, but with Google translate option in the upper right hand corner).
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