Restaurant Linje 10

I recently wrote about the up-and-coming Hornstull neighbourhood... and this past week, a friend and I visited one of the many local restaurants there: Linje 10. The name means "line 10" and refers to the former street car, or tram, line that ran between Värtahamnen and Hornstull (taken out of service in 1967).
The restaurant serves a menu filled with flavours from southern Europe. I had the grilled loin of Ibérico pork with sherry and crispy potatoes ("El Cerdo Ibérico") and my friend opted for the plat du jour which was an Atlantic redfish. Rustic, unpretentious, reasonably priced and tasty.
Popular bar!
While the food was good, I think the selling point is the restaurant's laid-back vibe which is a reflection of the neighbourhood itself. My friend and I had a chuckle as both the staff and many of the patrons really lived up to the Södermalm hipster style... plenty of low-slung, skinny jeans, facial hair and retro fashion. Young, friendly and attentive staff. The bar is popular and the crowd is boisterous... couple this with music and tables set close together means that it can get a bit loud. Fun if you are out with friends, but perhaps not the optimal place for a romantic dinner. The bar itself is definitely worth a visit and they have several tapas and charcuterie options on the menu to go with your glass of wine. In other words, a good place to go and watch local Stockholmers in action...
Shave and a haircut?
The restaurant shares space with both a florist and a retro barbershop, all three going under the name Tjoget. Linje 10 is open for both lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. Located in nearby Hornstull, it is very easy to get to from the Rival Hotel... either a 20 minute walk or two stations away on the subway (red line to Hornstull). Not the best pictures perhaps, but it was crowded in the restaurant so it was hard to take pictures without disturbing other guests. Click here for more restaurant reviews.


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