February 5, 2014

Elliott Erwitt (and more) at Fotografiska

Elliott Erwitt
A friend and I decided to have a cultural day this past Monday and chose to visit Fotografiska (museum of photography). Fotografiska is one of my favorite spots to visit in Stockholm regardless of the exhibition... beautiful space, nice cafe/bar with great views, fun gift shop and always interesting photography. But I had especially wanted to go back for a visit to see the Elliott Erwitt exhibition.
Elliott Erwitt
With a career spanning almost 65 years, Elliott Erwitt is a master photographer producing everything from advertisements, editorials, celebrity portraits, books, commissions, photo reportages and more. I found the exhibition to be really interesting and really appreciated the beautiful black & white photography and Erwitt's wry sense of humour (very apparent in many of the photographs). His work does tend to bring out emotion in the viewer... whether tears or laughter. The exhibition runs until March 2nd, 2014.
Elliott Erwitt
While at Fotografiska, we checked out the other, smaller exhibitions that are going on right now. This is the last week for the Jill Greenberg exhibit and it is well worth a visit if you are in town (ends February 9th). Beautiful color portraits of children and animals (bears, monkeys and horses). The resolution, clarity and details of the photographs are pretty amazing... the animals almost have human expressions.
Jill Greenberg (splitscreen done by me to show detail of different subjects).
The third current exhibition is by Johan Rheborg. Rheborg is a famous Swedish actor/comedian and... amateur photographer. The exhibition is called "Backstage" and that describes it very well! It is a series of black & white photographs taken by Rheborg of his colleagues backstage at different Swedish theatre productions. If you are Swedish then you will recognize many of the faces... if you are not, then you can enjoy the beautiful, candid images. Ends on March 9th!
Johan Rheborg
Fotografiska is open daily and open quite late for a museum (closes at 11pm Thurs through Sat, 9pm on the other days). Click here for exact opening hours and cost of admission. The museum is easy to get to from the Rival Hotel... just a 10 minute walk down to Slussen and then less than a 10 minute along the Stadsgård waterfront (location).

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