July 15, 2014

Sebastião Salgado at Fotografiska

Finally! I have been trying to get to this exhibition for the past month, but have been busy, busy, busy! It was well worth the wait though. The exhibition in question is "Genisis" by Sebastião Salgado at Fotografiska (photography museum). And while I have been a little late on reporting this summer exhibition, the good news is that you have until September 14th to see it! Sorry for the odd angles of the pictures in this article but I was there on a Sunday afternoon and it was quite crowded... hard to get enough time in front of each picture to take a shot. Good tip: avoid Sunday afternoons!
Detail from photograph (with reflection of exhibition)

Salgado is a Brazilian photographer and past winner of the prestigious Hassalblad award. The comprehensive exhibition is comprised of hundreds of powerful black & white images from across the globe. Actually, "across the globe" is almost an understatement. The photographs depict locations as far flung as Kamchatka (Russia), the Amazon, Ethiopia, The Falklands, Antarctica, Indonesia, Namibia and more.
Mursi tribe from Ethiopia
Depicted in these beautiful photographs are the landscapes, fauna and people of the region. Women from the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia with lip plates, penguins diving from an iceberg in the South Atlantic, stark glacial valleys in Alaska and a leopard drinking from a jungle watering hole are just some of the amazing images on display. The use of black & white really shows how graphic nature can be...a point I found very interesting. It really comes as no surprise that Salgado is a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador!
"Genesis" is just one of several summer exhibitions at the museum. Fotografiska, the world's largest museum of photography, is located on the northern waterfront of the island of Södermalm, location of the Rival Hotel. In fact it is just a 20 minute walk from the hotel. During the summer months they have an outdoor grill restaurant at the museum entrance. Great place for a casual lunch or dinner... dine al fresco with views over the harbor! Click here for a list of other summer exhibitions...
Entrance to museum with grill restaurant.

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