Catholic Church- St Eric's Cathedral

Many years ago I wrote blog articles about different religious services in Stockholm (here and here)... but as I get mostly asked about Catholic services and the fact that I recently visited the main Catholic church in Sweden, I thought it was time for a new article!
While Sweden isn't a very religious country, the official religion is Lutheranism (Church of Sweden). That being said, Catholicism still has a large presence in Sweden, especially as many of the larger immigrant groups come from Catholic regions (especially South America, Poland and Croatia). There are several Catholic churches spread throughout Stockholm with the main church, St Eric's Cathedral (Katolska Domkyrkan), located on Södermalm and just a 10-15 minute walk from the Rival Hotel.
While St Eric's Cathedral is close by, it is still a bit hard to find... mainly because it is located on a side street between two large buildings. Originally built in 1892, it doesn't look like much from the front, but it is actually much larger when you enter. This is because a large extension was added to the back in the 1980's as the church was then deemed too small to cater to the needs of Catholics who had moved to Sweden during the post war period.
They do have daily masses at the cathedral and on Sunday they have masses all day long in different languages (Swedish, Latin, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Croatian). They do have special schedules, of course, during holidays like Easter & Christmas. Unfortunately, their website is only in Swedish. If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, talk directly with me for exact times/languages. Otherwise you can contact them at
No masses in English at St Eric's. But if that is something you are interested in, then I recommend a visit to St Eugenia Church where they hold mass in English every Sunday at 6pm (subject to change!). This church is located in the downtown area, near to the park Kungsträdgården. Interested in the main Lutheran cathedral in Stockholm? Click here.


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