Restaurant Luzette

Entrance from station interior...
I usually try not to write about two restaurants or exhibitions in row but, as I just visited this newly opened restaurant, I will bend the rules. There was quite a bit of buzz about Luzette before it opened, one reason is because of its location: The Stockholm Central Train Station. At first, a train station might not seem like the ideal place for a nice restaurant. But when you consider that the train station has just undergone a large scale renovation and that Luzette takes classic restaurants once found in train stations, like Gare du Nord (Le Train Bleu) and Grand Central Station (Oyster Bar), as their inspiration, then the idea doesn't seem so strange.
Luzette's interior is beautifully designed and will seem somewhat familiar if you have visited some of Stockholm's more popular restaurants. Jonas Bohlin is the name of the designer and he is also responsible for the interiors of restaurants like Riche, Taverna Brillo, Sturehof and AG. Jonas often uses Swedish materials such as wood, tile, brass and granite. The high ceilings and light colors used makes the restaurant feel very airy and light.
red wine braised cheeks of veal
As for the menu, I would describe it as Continental/Swedish... with many classic favorites as well as more seasonal innovative dishes. They even have a rotisserie in the restaurant which produces 4 dishes on the menu. I had the very delicious cheeks of veal braised in red wine served with baked marrow and truffle mash. The perfect dish for a rainy autumn evening! My colleagues at the table were also very happy with their choices and we were all pleased with the large portions and reasonable prices.
Besides the restaurant and bar, they also have a gelateria, bakery as well as take-away counter... perfect for train travelers. Another feature which works very well with their location is their generous opening hours... they are open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you can imagine, they are very centrally located in the city (entrance to the restaurant both from the street and interior of the station). To get there from the Rival Hotel, it is either 3 stops away on the subway (all lines) or a 7-8 minute taxi ride. Click here to read about my other restaurant visits and recommendations.
Bakery and gelateria...


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