Herb Ritts at Fotografiska

Madonna "True Blue"
Herb Ritts has always been one of my favorite photographers, so I have been eagerly anticipating the photography museum Fotografiska's retrospective exhibition on Herb Ritts: In Full Light. I was not disappointed! I'm sure I will return before the exhibition ends (February 15th, 2015).
Supermodel pile-up. 
Herb Ritts was one of the top fashion, editorial and portrait photographers of the 1980's and 90's. In fact, if you came to adulthood in the 90's or earlier, I am positive that you will recognize his work... even if you don't recognize his name. Many of his beautiful black & white photographs have become iconic, like the cover to Madonna's "True Blue" album. He was a favorite among the big fashion and fragrance companies and was often employed for their advertisement campaigns... Calvin Klein, Revlon, Chanel, Victoria Secret and many more.
The iconic "Fred with Tires"
Many of these works are featured in this exhibition as well as several of his celebrity portraits which are a who's who of 80's famous people.... supermodels, pop stars and  actors. It was only natural that Herb Ritts branched out into the world of music videos, bringing his black & white esthetic to videos for Madonna, Janet Jackson and, probably most famously, Chris Isaak. A compilation of some of Ritt's music videos and TV advertisements for Calvin Klein is also featured in this exhibition.
Series with Jack Nicholson as the Joker.
Fotografiska is located on the waterfront of Södermalm, just a 15-20 minute walk from the Rival Hotel. Besides the great photography, there are several reasons to love this museum... for one thing, they have generous opening hours; closing at 11pm, 7 days a week. They have also recently opened a restaurant that has been receiving rave reviews. This might be the beginning of a trend in Stockholm with museums having great restaurants on their premises (the first out was Spritmuseum). Dinner, art and culture all in one! As soon as I get a chance to visit the restaurant, I will be sure to report back here. Click here for other museum exhibitions this season.
Versace Dress, Back View, El Mirage.



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