Stockholm's Matmarknad ("Food Market")

Food markets, indoor or outdoor, are popular places to visit when travelling to another city and many of these food markets take advantage of this popularity, along with all of the on-hand fresh produce, and offer great dining options. In Stockholm we have several great food markets, especially Östermalm's Saluhall.
The restaurant Sturehof has played with this idea and opened their own version of a food market with dining called Stockholm's Matmarknad (Food Market). It is located adjacent to the restaurant, within the upscale shopping center Sturegallerian, in the Stureplan district. Within an octagonal shaped atrium they have built a bar, surrounded by bar tables as well as a few regular tables. I stopped by with a couple of friends the other evening for a few drinks and something light to eat.
Fruit & vegetable stand.
Fish monger.
On the sides of the atrium they have put in food counters, selling a variety of fresh produce... a fish monger, butcher, bakery, cheese shop and a fruit & vegetable stand. They also have ready made meals for take-away at one of the counters. It is a great concept and a timely idea as the nearby, popular Östermalm's Saluhall will be closing soon for a 2 year long renovation starting this April.
Cheese counter with...
...assorted marmelades and jams.
For dining at Matmarknad, we did notice that at the bar they offered a variety of open faced sandwiches (Danish smørrebrød) with different toppings as well as several "dishes of the day", all made with produce taken from the surrounding food counters. As they are connected with the restaurant Sturehof, you also have the choice of ordering from their menu. We decided on this option and chose from Sturehof's appetizer menu... a beef carpaccio with bleak roe cream, Västerbotten cheese and pickled red onions as well as a classic Toast Skagen. Delicious and perfect for a light meal to accompany our wine. Click here for other restaurant recommendations.
Beef Carpaccio
Toast Skagen


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