Restaurant Usine

I was out with some colleagues last week and we chose Usine; a relatively new restaurant within walking distance from the Rival Hotel. Usine actually contains a main restaurant (Bistro 38), a smaller restaurant or "bakfickan" as we say in Swedish (Poche 36), a café as well as conference facilities. Though, to be honest, I think most people just refer to the restaurant as Usine.
Usine is located in the heart of Södermalm and is, as I mentioned, only a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel. The design of the restaurant is very nice with big open spaces and industrial touches giving it the feel of an old factory. In fact, "usine" means factory in French. The restaurant also sports huge glass windows which, along with the high ceilings, gives the restaurant an airy atmosphere.
Big picture windows seen from the street.
The menu is a mix of mainly French bistro classics with some Swedish favorites. The items on the menu are, for the most part, standard dishes found on the menus of many restaurants. Risotto, moules frites, escargot, steak minute, confit of duck, etc.. Maybe not that exciting and creative, but everything we ordered was well made and tasted good.
We stuck mainly to shellfish, like oysters and...
...moules frites.
Usine is large with room for 150 diners, but we were there on a Friday evening and it was quite full with locals. A large bar in the middle also got very popular later in the evening. We were never in the smaller area (Poche 36), but according to their website they serve Spanish tapas there. Usine was definitely a fun place to go with a group of friends.
The bar earlier in the evening.
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