Wine & Cheese at Gamla Amsterdam

Now for something a little different! Last week a colleague and I decided to go out for a drink after work to celebrate the end of another work week. We decided to try a place close to the Rival Hotel that had piqued our interest: Gamla Amsterdam Cheese Shop & Cheese Bar. I had purchased some cheeses there a couple of months ago for a dinner party and had seen that they had started with wine as well as lighter meals. I do enjoy a great cheese plate paired with a nice red wine...
It is a small space that manages to fit in a cheese counter, shop, tasting area as well a few tables and counters. Now that the weather is warming up, they have added a few tables outside as well. The aroma of cheese as well as the wheels of cheese displayed gives the place some great ambiance. I would say that the majority of their business is with people purchasing cheese to take home, but you are welcome to stay and enjoy your cheese there with a glass of wine.
We chose a cheese plate in order to try a variety of cheeses. It was delicious! The staff is very good at recommending cheeses as well as wines that pair well with your cheese(s). They do have other dishes on the menu. Of special note are their smørrebrød, which is a delicious Danish open-face sandwich with different toppings, and their fondues. No table reservations and you can expect to share a table with other patrons. Very casual. The shop is located in Södermalm just a stone's throw away from the hotel on the street Hornsgatan. Click here for other restaurant recommendations and reviews.


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