June 29, 2016

Pedestrian Street Swedenborgsgatan

Last year Stockholm City decided to test turning the street Swedenborgsgatan into a pedestrian street during the summer months. This was done to bring a little life to sleepy streets and help businesses in the area. The test turned out to be a success! As the street is just around the corner from the Rival Hotel, we were happy with the change. Because it went so well, the city has decided to expand the project with two other streets also becoming pedestrian during the summer: Rörstrandsgatan in the Vasastan area and Skånegatan in the SoFo area. Car traffic is allowed on the streets between 6am and 11am, otherwise it is just pedestrians and bicycles.
I have also noticed that the businesses along Swedenborgsgatan have really taken advantage of the extra space this year with most of the cafés and restaurants expanding their outdoor seating into the streets. Fun! Really makes the neighbourhood more vibrant. Some restaurants along the street include Bistro Süd, Da Luigi and Morfar Ginko. You also have several cafés of which Johan & Nyström is of special note. There is also the specialty food store 8T8, the pub Half Way Inn and the gay bar Side Track. We hope that this really becomes an annual thing!

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