(Outdoor) Restaurant Svinet

In Gamla Stan (old town) there is a restaurant called Djuret ("the animal") where the menu concentrates on one animal, changing every few weeks. It might be duck for a few weeks, and then moose, followed by wild boar and so on. They call it "innovative carnivore cuisine". However, this is not the restaurant I visited last week. This is because during the summer months they close Djuret and instead open another restaurant in their inner courtyard, under the open sky, called Svinet ("the swine").
As the name suggests, pork is what they concentrate on at Svinet. This year they took it a step further and made it an Italian pork barbecue restaurant... Trattorian Svinet! Besides the menu, the statuary, foliage and checkered table cloths transports you to the Tuscan countryside. Being outdoors doesn't hurt either.
Tagliatelle Morelli
I had been curious about this restaurant so I took my visiting parents there for dinner. The menu is limited (only 3 main courses, several appetizers and desserts) but delicious. My father took the Tagliatelle Morelli with white wine cooked leg ragù and we opted for the charcoal grilled pork loin and homemade salsiccia sausage with rosemary potatoes and Naples salad.
Barbecue pork loin and salsiccia.
As the restaurant is outdoors, it is dependent on the weather. The long sunny summer evenings in Stockholm as well as it being in a courtyard and not on an open street keeps you comfortable... but dress accordingly. Svinet will stay open as long as the weather and temperatures allow and the cold forces us back indoors. Djuret reopens at any rate on August 10th.
Both Djuret and Svinet are located in Gamla Stan. Within the same building you also have some great bars like Tweed and Burgundy Bar. Well worth a visit themselves! To get there from the Rival Hotel, it is either a 20 minute walk or else you can take the subway 2 stops to the station "Gamla Stan". Click here for more restaurant recommendations.
Sign leading...
up the stairs to...
the outdoor Trattorian Svinet.


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