Restaurant Nytorget 6

This past Sunday I was out with a group of friends celebrating joint birthdays. We decided on dinner at Nytorget 6. Once upon a time, one of my favorite restaurants, Roxy, was located here... but a few years ago they closed and Nytoget 6 took over. While I have eaten lunch here and also visited the restaurant as part of a food tour of Södermalm, this was my first visit for dinner.
The upstairs and...
Nytorget 6 (both the name and actual address of the restaurant) is located in the famous SoFo district of Södermalm, and it is a typical SoFo restaurant: hip and laid back. The area has many good restaurants (like Urban Deli just next door and Nook around the corner) and is quite lively in the evenings. Nytorget 6 is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner... 7 days a week. Nice with generous opening hours!
...the downstairs.
The restaurant is very popular, especially a few years ago when a major newspaper (NY Times?) wrote a travel article about Stockholm and named the restaurant as a must-visit for dinner. For about a year after the article came out, it was almost impossible to book a table there without a couple of weeks notice; thankfully it seems to have lightened up a bit. I thought perhaps that it would even be a little quiet on a Sunday evening in October, but the place was packed.
Plank steak with french fries and bearnaise.
The restaurant has two floors, an open and airy street level dining room as well as a cozy dining room in the cellar. We were seated downstairs which was quite nice as we were a larger group. The menu is large and very international with everything from Swedish meatballs to grilled tuna burger to Entrecôte. I suppose the restaurant is mostly known for its rotisserie where they grill a variety of meats. Our group ordered different dishes, but I took the plank Hereford beef steak from the rotisserie. Click here for dinner menu in English.
Steamed arctic char.
As I mentioned, Nytorget 6 is located in SoFo... which means that it is on the same island as the Rival Hotel (Södermalm). However, it is on the other side of the island from us and would take about 20-25 minutes to walk to. Otherwise it is a quick taxi ride or subway trip. Nearest subway station is Skanstull (green line). Click here for more restaurant reviews/recommendations.


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