Djurgård Ferry- Best Way to Get to Djurgården!

Ferry terminal in Gamla Stan
I have written about this a couple of times already over the years... but good information bears repeating. While the #1 question I get asked by hotel guests is "how do we get to Gamla Stan (old town)?", the next top 4 questions I get asked ("how do we get to Skansen/Vasa Museum/ABBA Museum/Djurgården?") all 4 have the same answer... the Djurgård Ferry (Djurgårdsfärjan)!
Djurgården is an island which is also a National City Park as well as home to many of Stockholm's most popular attractions: Vasa Museum, Skansen, ABBA the Museum, Gröna Lund, Vikingaliv, Nordic Museum, art galleries, concert venues, acres of parkland and much, much more. So the chances are that, if you are visiting Stockholm for leisure, you will be taking a trip to Djurgården at some point. If you are in downtown Stockholm, you do have the choice of taking a bus or street car out to Djurgården, but if you are in Gamla Stan or Södermalm (like at the Rival Hotel, for example) then the best option is the ferry.
Signs on Skeppsbron directing you to the terminal
The ferry departs approximately every 15 minutes during peak hours and the trip to Djurgården, through Stockholm harbor, takes only 9 minutes. The departure point from Gamla Stan is about 100 meters north of Slussen on Skeppsbron... just follow the signs for Djurgårdsfärjan. This is about a 15 minute walk from the Rival Hotel. The ferry docks at Allmänagränd on Djurgården. The ferry also makes a stop at the island of Skeppsholmen (home of Moderna, the modern art museum). During the low season you have to tell the ferry staff that you wish to get off at Skeppsholmen. And when leaving that island, you need to call the ferry by pressing a marked button at the ferry dock.
Calling for the ferry on Skeppsholmen
The ferry is part of the public transportation system which means that your travel/access cards work for the ferry. Here at the hotel, we sell 24 hour and 72 hour cards for our hotel guests. Otherwise you can purchase them at  most newspaper kiosks, SL Centers and tourist information offices. That being said, you can purchase one time tickets at the ferry dock. Make sure you keep your eyes open when on the boat (even stand outside on the deck) because it is a beautiful trip through the harbor!
Castles, islands,
ships and 
cityscapes in the harbor. 


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