Calendar of Events and Festivals 2018

Stockholm Views, photo by Henrik Trygg/
I am now back from my vacation with my batteries recharged! I thought that my annual calendar for events and festivals in Stockholm would be a good first post-vacation article. Hopefully this will help you in planning when you want to visit or, if you have already booked your trip, what to do during your visit. In the list are the main events and festivals. There are of course a myriad of smaller sporting events, concerts and other happenings that aren't listed. If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me directly and I can let you know what else is happening during your stay. Keep in mind that even though a certain event is going on during your stay which you are not interested in... it may affect your stay nonetheless. For example, a large sporting event (i.e. marathon) will mean road closures and traffic problems, a popular concert or convention will mean fully booked hotels & restaurants and a bank holiday will mean banks, liquor stores and certain shops will be closed.
Misty Morning, photo by Henrik Trygg/
It is still early in the year and I will be adding events as they are announced, so make sure to check back now and again ahead of your visit. Some of the links might not work yet for later events (or they direct to last year's information), just keep checking back to see when they update their websites. I have put in some of the larger fairs, but there are a plethora of them going on, covering all sorts of interests from gardening to design to boating. Check the Stockholm Fairground's website to see if anything piques your interest. The amusement park Gröna Lund has a series of concerts all summer with some great artists, like Billy Idol, Ziggy Marley, Macklemore and Europe. Click here ofr the full list.


  • 2nd- Joan Baez concert at the Waterfront.
  • 3rd- Kendrick Lamar concert at the Ericsson Globe Arena.
  • 10th- Melodifestivalen Final at Friends Arena. Song competition where the winner represents Sweden at Eurovision. 
  • 16th & 17th- First Aid Kit concert at the Waterfront
  • 18th- Harry Styles concert at Ericsson Globe Arena
  • 24th- Sweden vs Chile soccer match (friendly) at Friends Arena
  • 25th- clocks "spring" forward one hour (Daylight Savings Time). 
  • 29th to April 2nd- Easter weekend. Skansen is a good place to celebrate a traditional Swedish Easter. Friday and Monday are bank holidays!
    Easter market ladies at Skansen. Photo: Maria Johansson/Skansen

This is always a slow month with events and festivals as it is when most Stockholmers have their summer vacation and tend to leave the city. But there will be concerts/entertainment at Gröna Lund and Skansen. The World Cup in football (soccer) will be going on in Russia between June 14th and July 15th. You can expect viewing parties, especially if Sweden makes it through the initial group phase! 
  • Start on the 27th- EuroPride (Europe's Gay Pride week), see below. 
December (a month filled with Xmas themed events and happenings, more info when the season approaches)


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