The Fjäderholmarna Islands

Arriving at Fjäderholmarna
I have written a few articles about eating dinner at the restaurant Fjäderholmarnas Krog (for example, last year). However, this past weekend I decided to treat my visiting parents to lunch at the restaurant and visit some of the businesses there that are only open during the day, which one misses when dining there in the evening.
Catching the ferry in Gamla Stan
Fjäderholmarna means "the feather islands" and is made up of four islands, but really it is only one island you visit: Stora Fjäderholmen. The islands are located right at the entrance to Stockholm harbor. They bill themselves as "the first islands of the Stockholm archipelago". I suppose this is true, but if you really want to visit the archipelago, I would recommend a trip further out. With that being said, you do get a feel for Swedish archipelago life when visiting Fjäderholmarna and they are only 25 minutes away by boat!
A moment of zen
Stor Fjäderholmen isn't a large island. In fact, I think you can walk around the whole island in about 20-30 minutes. They have, however, packed in quite a lot to see and do in this small space. Many locals come to the island on summer days to swim, sunbathe and picnic. Maybe even play a game of boule. The islands location at the mouth of the harbor means that all boats, from large cruise ships to small motor boats, glide by and make for spectacular viewing.
Swimming & sunbathing
When you arrive at the island by boat, there are a few local businesses right at the docks. Here you find both the brewery Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri and the chocolatier Fjäderholmarna Choklad. Both the chocolate and beer are made on the island and offer tastings. You also have the opportunity to taste both at the restaurants on the island. I know that at least Fjäderholmarnas Krog carries the local island beer.
The brewery...
...and the chocolatier
On the other side of the island, you will find a row of shops and artisans. Local craftsmen making and selling glassware, ceramics, paintings and textiles. It is fun to watch the potters and glassblowers at work and then browse through their boutiques. Lots of fun and unique items to purchase and bring home as a souvenir. Near these artisans you als have a candy shop and casual lunch place. 
Artisan row
On the eastern end of the island, you will find Röda Villan ("The Red Villa"). This is a café/restaurant which offers activities/events like boule, live music, barbecue buffets and more. Enjoy their gardens or buy a beer and lay in one of the hammocks. On this side of the island is also where most people go to swim and sunbathe.
Entrance to Röda Villan
Closer to the boat docks is where you find the other main restaurants... the more casual Rokeriet ("smoke house") and the more upscale Fjäderholmarnas Krog. Both are good choices, but I always dine at the Krog. A personal summer favorite! For lunch we dined on Moules Marinières, Toast Skagen and a seafood stew, enjoying delicious seafood right on the water.
Mussels for lunch at Fjäderholmarnas Krog
There are two ways to get to Fjäderholmarna from Stockholm. You can either catch the Strömma boats from the downtown area or Fjäderholmslinjen boats from Gamla Stan. The second option is better for guests of the Hotel Rival (just a 20 minute walk from the hotel). Both boats depart regularly and the trip takes about 25 minutes. If you are staying at the Hotel Rival, contact me for more information.
Fjäderholmarnas Krog in the background
Glassblowers at work
Boule court
Ceramic workshop...
...and boutique
The journey there is half the fun.


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