Museums and Attractions Closed Due to the Corona Virus

Well, life has sure changed in the past few weeks around the world. And Stockholm is no exception. While the Hotel Rival is open, as well as our Bistro, Café and Watson's Bar, tourism has obviously taken a heavy tumble due to closed borders and travel restrictions. Several museums and attractions have closed temporarily because of this reason and for safety measures. If you will be in Stockholm in the next few weeks, here is what is currently open/closed. Keep in mind that this list was made on March 22nd and these things change from day to day, so check the links to their websites to see if there has been any changes. Click here for restrictions and rules in Sweden due to the Corona virus. I have noticed that the museums that are open do all have a page on their websites dedicated to how they are complying with government restrictions and what other measures they are taking for visitors' safety (like limiting amount of visitors, no guided tours, extra cleaning, etc.). But, stay safe if you will be going out and follow rules of hygiene and social distancing. You can also check many of the museums' exhibitions online... click here for a list.
EDIT: the list below has been updated once a week as several museums have started reopening.


CLOSED I have written notes when a museum has announced a date to reopen. Keep in mind that nothing is written in stone (especially these days) so check back here or on the museum's website for up-to-date information.
Strömma is still running their sightseeing tours by bus and boat and are taking necessary measures to keep their customers safe. Spring has come to Stockholm and, if you will be in the city in the next few weeks, keep in mind that visiting one of our many beautiful parks, like Djurgården, is a great activity in these troubling times. Keep healthy and stay safe!


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