New Autumn Exhibitions at Fotografiska

I had the chance to visit the photography museum Fotografiska the other day, with colleagues, to see their two new exhibitions for the season. This is one of my favorite museums and the visit was the first one since the pandemic broke out... so I was really looking forward to going back! The two autumn exhibitions, that recently opened, could not be more different. At least at first glance. 

The first exhibition is "Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn. Photographs 1999 to 2020" by Miles Aldridge (until Feb 14th 2021). Here the photographs are highly stylized, very colorful and glossy, with a definite pop-art feel. At times, it felt like walking through a candy store. The subjects range from celebrities to glossy lips to models. Very sexy and fun, but with darker undertones. The exhibition contains around 80 pieces and is Aldridge's biggest retrospective to date. 

The second exhibition is "Two Hundred Seasons" by Arno Rafael Minkkinen (until Jan 17th, 2021). As I mentioned, the two exhibitions are very different and the contrast between the two can be almost jarring as you go from one to the other. Here the photographs are in black and white, graphic and stark with little fuss. The photographs are all (as I remember) taken outdoors with beautiful natural scenery. The subject in many of the images is the photographer himself... or at least part of him. The birch trees and frog sounds (piped in on loudspeakers), adds to the serenity often conveyed by the photographs. 

There also a few other smaller ongoing exhibitions... click here for the full list. One such exhibition, "Hubble - a Journey Through Space and Time", features images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (until Dec 13th). Fascinating, though it sure can make you feel insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe. 

Fotografiska is located on the northern waterfront of Södermalm, just a 15-20 minute walk from the Hotel Rival. The closest subway/bus station is Slussen (10 minute walk from the museum). Keep in mind that they are doing a lot of construction at Slussen, but you will be fine if you follow the signs for Fotografiska. One extra special aspect of Fotografiska is their generous opening hours, closing at 11pm every evening. They also have a café and award-winning restaurant on the top floor with views of the harbor... well worth a visit. And, don't miss a visit in their wonderful gift shop. 


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