Gold Bridge Opens for Business

I have written articles about the major renovations at Slussen as well as the arrival of the Gold Bridge, part of the Slussen renovations, which arrived on (literally) a slow boat from China. Well, this past week they opened up the bridge for motor, bike and pedestrian traffic. There are still a few years left of the renovations of the area (hopefully complete in 2025), but I had to mark the occasion of the bridge finally opening with another article.

While Stockholmers all agree that Slussen needed to be renovated, they are still quite polarized on how it will look in the end (read more about that here), with a "gold" bridge being a main point of contention. To be honest, it isn't actually gold... more beige with a slight golden hue when lit up at night. I try and stay out of the for-or-against arguments and look at the positive aspect: this is a big step in the completion of the massive renovation project!

Slussen (with the gold bridge) is just a ten minute walk from the Hotel Rival. In fact, you have to cross it to get to Gamla Stan from the hotel. Location. It does look less as a construction site now and hopefully, in the coming year, the major building will be done and it will only be the cosmetic touches left. Fingers crossed!

Curious Stockholmers were out in the first days to test the bridge.


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