Winter Walks in Stockholm

My first post in 2021! Sadly, for reasons you all well understand, I haven't had much to post about these past few weeks. Hopefully, with the vaccine now being distrubuted, things will start getting slowly back to normal and I will have more to write about in the near future. With that being said, winter (and snow) has finally come to Stockholm! Stockholm is really quite beautiful all covered in white, and I had the opportunity to take two, nice long walks this past week with friends to enjoy the snowy landscape. As this is a perect Covid 19-friendly activity, I thought I would blog about it. 

This past spring and summer, I posted about several great waterfront walks you can do in and around the city in my attempt to report on all types of Covid-friendly activities you can do. These walks do work perfectly in the winter as well. One walk, that I recently repeated, was along the southern coast of the island Kungsholmen (see spring post here), while the other walk took me back to the waterfront along Hammarby Lake (see summer post here). If you are not coming to Stockholm in the coming weeks, you can use this post and pictures as inspiration for future visits! The pictures above and directly below are from the Kungsholmen walk. Further down you will find the Hammarby walk pictures.

A pretty cool picture of the sun, surrounded by a snow/fog rainbow.

And here we have some pictures from my walk around Hammarby Lake. You have both day and evening pictures as took a late afternoon pit stop for refreshments halfway through our walk!


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