Traditional Swedish Cuisine at Tradition

Entrance with royal palace in the background

I have written an article about the restaurant Tradition many years ago and, as I recently had lunch there, I thought it would be a good time to do a refresher. Especially as this is a great place for visitors to try some traditional Swedish cuisine, or what we call husmanskost.  This is the type of cuisine that many countries have... their traditional, home style dishes. I suppose that other examples would be bratwurst in Germany or fish & chips in the UK? You can say that it is the nation's form of comfort food. I am not sure the US has a country-wide version of this, but definitely regional, like gumbo.

Our most famous example of this would be Swedish meatballs. But there are many more dishes than this, like pickled herring, cured salmon, beef brisket, smoked reindeer (souvas) and potato dumplings. I often get international hotel guests who ask to try Swedish cuisine while visiting the city. There are several restaurants in Stockholm that serve this fare, and Tradition is a good choice. 

Hearty cuisine- fried pork belly with onion sauce and lingon berries

Tradition is located in the historic old town (Gamla Stan), a literal stone's throw from the Royal Palace. Besides dinner, they are also open for lunch on the weekdays which makes it a great place to take your lunch break when visiting the museums, cathedrals and palaces of the old town. It is a good idea to book a table which you can do on their website. The easiest way to get to Tradition from Hotel Rival is by taking the subway two stops to the Gamla Stan station (red or green lines) and then walk over the hill to the restaurant. Otherwise it is only a 20 minute walk or so. 


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