Winter Pedestrian Streets 2021

For the past few years, the city of Stockholm has made certain streets pedestrian during the summer months. This has been very popular with both visitors and locals alike. Restaurants and cafés can have larger outdoor seating areas, they have added benches and it livens up the neighborhoods. I have often blogged about this as one of the streets, Swedenborgsgatan, is just around the corner from the Hotel Rival

Now the city has, for the first time, determined that a few streets will remain pedestrian through the winter months. And that, thankfully, includes nearby Swedenborgsgatan. It sounds like this will be a trial run to see how popular it will be and if it will have the same effect as during the summer months. Yesterday, they started putting up lights and Christmas trees and flowers. I think that it sounds like a great idea and we shall see how it goes. It is already looking festive and with a light dusting of snow it should be really nice!


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