Cherry Blossoms at Kungsträdgården

One of the surest signs of spring in Stockholm (and other cities, for that matter) is when the cherry blossoms bloom... turning trees a beautiful bright pink. In the park Kungsträdgården, in downtown Stockholm, there are two cherry tree lined walkways on either side of a sunken square. Given its central location and sheer number of cherry trees, this is a popular place for locals and visitors alike to come and photograph themselves under the pink trees. 

For a few weeks, each spring, my social media feeds are filled with pictures posted by my friends of themselves under the trees. So I, of course, had to head down to partake of this tradition. Pure peer pressure! Unfortunately, the blossoms only last a few weeks so there isn't much time left to witness this grand spectacle. But, if you are in the city this week... there still is time! If not, you can just enjoy my pictures here.


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