The Terracotta Army to Stockholm

Do you dream about one day travelling to China to see the famous Terrcotta Warriors from the X'ian province? Now you don't have to... they are coming to Stockholm this Fall! Well, not all of them but 10 warriors and plenty of other goodies (concentrating on the Qin and Han Dynasties) on loan from 11 museums in China. Today I was invited by the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska Museet) for an information meeting as well as a viewing of where the exhibition will be shown. You see, the exhibition will not be taking place in the museum proper but under it... in a fabulous 4,800 sq meter tunnel system dug directly in the hill (Bergrummet). These caverns were first excavated during the beginning of World War II to house the Naval Command in case of attack. This is the first time the tunnels will be open to the public and are the perfect subterranean stage to show off the Warriors!

This is not a wandering exhibition, but a unique showing coming only to Stockholm. The exhibition will be open every day, 10am to 8pm, from August 28th to January 16th. Tickets will cost 150 SEK (includes entrance to the museum proper as well) and children under 19 go in for free. They are expecting a lot of public interest and tickets may be purchased in advance at their website (linked above). The museum is located on the island of Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. The nearest subway is Kungsträdgården (blue line).


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