Tip #14- Arlanda Airport VIP Service

Do you wish you could avoid the long lines at airports? Checking in, baggage drop, security, etc; Have you always desired to be able to travel like royalty or a celebrity? Arlanda Airport has now made this possible with their VIP Service. This past May, I was given a tour of the facilities by Roger of the VIP Service and was duly impressed (thanks!). The staff is very personable as well as being experienced and discrete.
The service is for both arriving and departing travellers. When departing, guests arrive at the special VIP entrance where you can drive, or be driven, right up to the door. There you will be met by the staff who will help you with checking in, baggage handling and travel documents as well as take you through the separate security check-point. Afterwards you can relax in their nice VIP Lounges while the staff takes care of all of the practical details. If there is time, a VIP co-ordinator will take care of your duty-free shopping for you. Light refreshments are provided and you can also order additional food and drink. The staff keeps track of when your flight leaves and when it is time you will be driven directly to the airplane in one of their private cars.
When arriving, guests are met as they disembark the plane and within minutes you are sitting in the VIP Lounges while the staff take care of passport and custom details. Relax and enjoy the light refreshments while you wait for your baggage to be delivered to the Lounges. When it is time to leave the VIP co-ordinator will make sure your pre-arranged vehicle is driven up to the door or arrange for a taxi. The Lounges are also available to book for meetings or weddings, and often are. The costs aren't as extravagant as one might expect for this luxury and the thought of avoiding the long lines and hassles is alluring. To book this service, you can either contact them directly or contact me at the hotel (concierge@rival.se) and I will make the necessary arrangements.


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