Restaurants- Bistro Süd & The Rival's Bistro

Last night I went with the hotel's reception staff to try Bistro Süd's fall menu. The small, cozy restaurant, located just two blocks from the Rival Hotel, is a favorite of the staff and hotel guests. The restaurant itself reminds you of a typical nice French bistro and the menu reflects this... a mix of French cuisine with some Swedish favorites. I had the duck liver terrine to start with, followed by the minute steak filled with seasonal mushrooms and then cloud berries done three ways for dessert. Very good! The lamb one of my colleagues ordered looked great as well as the chanterelle mushroom toast she had as a starter. It is not that large of a restaurant so it is good to book a table... you don't need to do that too far in advance, just contact us at the reception after checking in.

I would be remiss talking about restaurants in the area without mentioning our own restaurant... Rival's Bistro, located on the first floor of the hotel. Not to be biased, but it's a great restaurant- popular with visitors and locals alike. Head Chef Robin Gesang-Gottow has composed a great menu, a mix of Swedish classics and international favorites, using seasonal produce. The Rival's Bistro recently received a great review in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper(4 out of 6)! The restaurant can get quite busy on the weekends, especially if there is a show in our theater, so booking a table is recommended. You can do that by either contacting them directly at or me at The restaurant is open everyday of the year for hotel guests... so no need to go hungry on Christmas Eve or any other holiday!

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