Shopping- Jeans, jeans and more jeans!

Sweden has had a love affair with jeans and denim since the end of World War II. Most Swedes have at least 4 or 5 pair of jeans in their closet and in 2006 alone they bought 14 million pairs. I have to confess that I have around 10 pairs myself. These days, instead of only importing Levis and Lee jeans to Sweden, we are exporting Swedish brands to the rest of the world. Acne, Nudie Jeans and Cheap Monday are perhaps the most well known brands... followed by WeSC, Pace, Tiger of Sweden and Denim Demon. Several larger Swedish retailers or clothing brands, like H&M and Filippa K, have their own lines of jeans. Click here for more information about the Swedish jeans success story.
You can find a variety of Swedish jean brands sold at different stores like Åhlens, NK, Solo and JC. Otherwise, if you want to visit the retailers directly, here is a list of the major brands and where to find their stores in Stockholm:
  • Acne has a few stores in Stockholm, but of special interest is their main store on Norrmalmstorg 2 and the store in the vicinity of the Rival Hotel at Nytorgsgatan 36 (in the SoFo neighborhood).
  • Nudie Jeans are mainly sold in department stores and jean retailers, though they do have one store... and it is also close to the hotel, in fact right around the corner from Acne, on Skånegatan 75.
  • Cheap Monday can also be found in several department stores and jean retailers... especially Weekday which has a location right around the corner from the hotel at Götgatan 21.
  • WeSC has a couple of stores in Stockholm, a favorite of mine is located in the downtown area on Kungsgatan 66.
Click here for more shopping tips in Stockholm.


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