Three Days in Stockholm- Summertime

Picturesque archipelago on way to Sandhamn
I recently had 6 family and friends visiting me... and for 4 of them it was their first time in Stockholm. So I took a few days off to show them the city. Now what does a Stockholm Concierge show his own personal guests on their first time to the city? I thought it would be interesting to share our itinerary to help other first time visitors plan on what to do. I have already blogged about the majority of the stops, so I'll link to older posts and not go into too much detail here.

Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:
Wolverines at Skansen
For me, this is a perfect itinerary for a first time visitor to Stockholm... in the summertime. All the must-see's are included and a great way to experience several facets of Stockholm as well as Swedish culture. As we get into September, I will do an itinerary for first time visitors during the non-summer months. Are you coming to the Rival Hotel and have already visited Stockholm? For tips on what to do for a return visit to Stockholm... contact me directly!
Viking gold at the History Museum
Disclaimer: my guests were more interested in history than art. For those that are more interested in art, substitute Fotografiska, Moderna or National Museum (depending on what type of art you are interested in) for the History Museum. I was present with my guests the whole time and acted as a guide for them, if you are interested in your own guided tour during your visit... then I recommend the Under the Bridges boat tour. The best comprehensive tour of Stockholm in my opinion.


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