The Museum of History

Historiska Museet (The Museum of History) is a fascinating museum dedicated to Swedish history. Located in the Östermalm neighborhood, it's just a short 10 minute walk from other tourist attractions on Djurgården (like the Vasa Museum). I visited the museum today to see their new exhibition focusing on the past 1,000 years of Swedish history... from the end of the Viking era to today. It was very well presented as you walk through rooms dedicated to each century, learning about people both famous and unknown. A very hands-on exhibition!

Besides this new exhibtion, the Museum of History has several great permanent exhibitons. Two of my favorites are the Gold Room and the Viking exhibition. The Gold Room contains treasures found throughout Sweden dating from the Iron Age to the Viking Age. Over 100 lbs of gold and 400 lbs of silver. Treasures such as reliquaries, torques and collars can be seen. In the Viking exhibition you learn everything about the Swedes famous ancestors... not only about their raids, but also about their daily life and trade routes.
Great for kids! Open fron 10am to 5pm every day during the summer.
Entrance fee is 70 SEK for adults and 50 SEK for kids and seniors. Free entrance with the Stockholm Card.
How to get there: Bus 47, 69 or 76 to Djurgårdsbron, or subway to Karlaplan.


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