Private Walking Tours of the City

Photo: Stockholms Visitors Board
Stockholm is a city made for walking... and if you would like to avoid the big bus and boat tours and get a more personal tour of the city, then a walking tour is a great idea. There are many companies, both large and small, that organize tours and in many cases it is a set tour that is offered. The Old Town (Gamla Stan) is the most popular tour itinerary and the most interesting district from a tourist's point of view with its palaces, churches, cobblestone streets and long history. Other districts have become popular with walking tours, especially the Södermalm district (where the Rival Hotel is located) which also has a lot of great history.

It is often a good idea to book a tour directly with the company as there are many details to iron out (when, where, what as well as payment). I can recommend some good companies that I have used in the past. One such is Stockholm Stories. Their guide Maria, a 4th generation Stockholmer, is very personable and has a wealth of information about the city and its history. Another popular tour company is Story Tours which offer several themed walking tours. A third option is to book one of the 400 authorized guides through the Stockholms Visitors Board. An advantage here is that you have the option of personalizing your itinerary as well as if you wish to have the tour in a language other than Swedish or English. Booking a tour with any of these companies can be made on their websites which I have linked above.


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