Stockholm Christmas 2011
(Edit: This is a post from 2011, for updated information about Christmas in Stockholm- click here!) Some new information as well as a repeat of some old information...
Stockholm is celebrating Christmas this year in a big way with a new light/decoration project called StockholmsJul. Starting on November 20th, thirty streets and squares in the center of the city will be lit up with 671,647 energy-saving & environmentally friendly LED lights. It is all part of Stockholm's goal to become the #1 Christmas destination in Scandinavia. They are busy setting up & hanging the decorations and you can follow their progress on their Facebook page. Here, at the Rival Hotel, we are waiting in anticipation to see how the Christmas tree in the square in front of the hotel will look like this year!
Photo: Henrik Trygg, Stockholm Visitors Board
I wrote quite a lot about Christmas in the city in my blog last year. I will be writing more this year, of course, but it feels a little silly to repeat most of the information. Here are some posts from last year that you may find of interest in making plans for you holiday trip:
  1. Restaurants during the holiday season.
  2. Christmas Markets.
  3. Holiday traditions in Sweden.
  4. Winter activities in Stockholm.
  5. St Lucia celebrations. (Dec. 13th)
  6. Julbord- the Christmas smörgåsbord.
  7. Christmas Mass.
  8. Museum opening hours during the holidays.
Just keep in mind that these blog entries (linked above) were written in 2010 so some of the information (dates, times, prices, etc;) may be incorrect. But it will give you a good idea of what to expect this year. I will also be posting updated information for 2011 as it comes in...


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