Winter Sport Activities in Stockholm

Are you feeling a bit sporty or adventurous? There is plenty to keep you occupied during the winter months and it all happens very close to the city, if not within.
    Photo: Henrik Trygg- Stockholms Visitors Board
  • Ice Skating: I've already reported on the outdoor ice skating rink in the middle of the city at Kungsträdgården. If you feel like doing some long distance skating on the frozen lakes and rivers around Stockholm, then it is better to do it in a group with a guide (it's still a little early in the season). Two good guide companies that offers such tours, including equipment rental, are the Stockholms Guidebyrå and Ice Guide. They can be contacted at and (they have a contact form on their website) for more information and booking. Click here for a list of cleared skating routes in the greater Stockholm area. 
  • Cross Country Skiing: If you have your own equipment then there are many tracks around the city, including Djurgården. I'm having trouble finding a place that rents cross country skis, but if I find a place then I will report back!
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  • Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding: There are several hills in and around Stockholm high enough to support some alpine skiing! I've already reported on the opening of Hammarbybacken this week. This is by far the closest slope, in fact you can see the slope from parts of Södermalm where the Rival Hotel is located and the there is a great view of the city from the top of the hill. There are lifts and a restaurant and they do rent skiing equipment! Click here for some short movies of the slope. There are a few other slopes on the outskirts of the city... including Ekholmsnäsbacken, Flottsbro and Väsjöbacken. 
I would be remiss in talking about winter sport activities without mentioning Hellasgården. This nature area is located in Nacka, just a 15 minute bus ride on #401 from Slussen (10 minute walk from the hotel). Here you can find plenty of walking paths, cross skiing tracks and outdoor ice skating (with rental). Another activity offered here, not for the faint of heart (literally), is ice swimming. A very nordic activity involving heating up in a sauna or bastu and then plunging into frigid waters. Brrrr...!


  1. Update: Playground isn't renting cross country skis anymore this year. We just called them.

  2. Thanks Jacqueline... I'll remove that information! Anyone who knows of a place where you can rent cross country skis is welcome to contact me.


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