Watching the European Football Championships 2012

If you are travelling to Stockholm (heck, anywhere in Europe) during the last three weeks of June, you won't be able to miss that the European Football Championships (Soccer to you Yanks out there) are being played! This, along with the Olympics and World Cup, is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The games will be played in (co-hosts) Poland and the Ukraine. Sweden has qualified so there should be some nice festival atmosphere here in Stockholm during these weeks (either that or depression depending on the outcome).
If you are in Stockholm during this time and want to see some matches, then stop by the Rival Hotel! We will be showing many of the games on a movie screen in our theatre which seats 700 people. In the past (World Cup, Euro Champs) we have shown just the games played by Sweden... but this year we are expanding the schedule to include some other exciting matches. The tickets are 120 SEK and include both matches being played that evening (when scheduled)! More good news... you can eat, drink and be merry before, during and after the matches. Be aware that there will be a strict minimum age of 23 to enter the theatre. Here is the schedule of matches we will be showing:

  • June 9th- 6:00pm Netherlands vs Denmark and 8:45pm Germany vs Portugal
  • June 11th- 6:00pm France vs England and 8:45pm Sweden vs the Ukraine
  • June 13th- 6:00pm Denmark vs Portugal and 8:45pm Netherlands vs Germany
  • June 15th- 6:00pm the Ukraine vs France and 8:45pm Sweden vs England
  • June 19th- 8:45pm Sweden vs France (one match)
  • June 23rd or 24th- the quarter final match will be shown if Sweden makes it through!
  • July 1st- The Finals!
So, come on by and cheer on your favorite team! Tickets can be bought at the door on game day or in advance by clicking here. Go Sweden!

If you can't find your team's match on our schedule, then there are many other places in the city showing the matches including a multitude of sport bars. O'Leary's is a chain of sports bars, so chances are you can find one nearby.


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