Restaurant Trattorian

Celebrity chef Meleker Andersson owns quite a few great restaurants in Stockholm (F12, Villa Godthem, Grill, Le Rouge among others). For many years, one of his most popular restaurants has been Kungsholmen. A few months ago, he closed Kungsholmen, renovated & redesigned the place and reopened it as an Italian restaurant called Trattorian.
The original Kungsholmen was always one of my favorite restaurants... especially in the summer as it is located right on the waterfront of the island with the same name. Great place for a drink or dinner and watch the beautiful people walking along the waterfront promenade.
...and interior!
So naturally I was curious when Melker changed it to an Italian restaurant! I stopped by this past weekend for dinner. The location is, of course, still fantastic. The interior is much better... warmer and more intimate than Kungsholmen was. His restaurants are known for their ecclectic interior design and Trattorian is no exception. The interior looks like a Tuscan restaurant complete with a trellis celing with grape leaves. Beforehand, I thought that Italian cuisine sounded boring... Stockholm is filled with Italian restaurants! But it is a far cry from your run of the mill pasta & pizza joint. We had a great dinner... starting out with a variety of anti pasti, after which we had the Scottadito and the Ossobucco. My colleague was there the week before and had the duck ravioli with truffles which she loved. Of course they were out of that on the evening we were there... bummer! Next time.
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Floating bar (Pontonen) in front of the restaurant


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