Restaurant Cultur

Bar area with fantastic picture windows
I have visited another new restaurant this week! This time it was Cultur Bar & Restaurant in Gamla Stan (the old town). My guess is that the name is a play on the spelling of the same word in English (culture) and Swedish (kultur). This restaurant is owned by the same group as the famous Den Gyldene Freden and Fjäderholmarnas Krog... which is a personal summer favorite of mine. While these last-named restaurants serve Swedish cuisine, Cultur concentrates on the Spanish/Mediterranean kitchens.
Jamon, sliders, moules and other tapas!
They've done a great job renovating the locale and the interior design does evoke Spain with the beautiful floor tiles and prints on the wall from Spanish artists, like Picasso. There is a nice bar and lounge area to the left upon entering with the dining room to the right. I especially liked the large picture windows looking out onto the pedestrian street Österlånggatan. They were putting the finishing touches on a large outdoor seating area while we were there, which should be really popular in the summer.
The evening menu is filled with small dishes ("tapas"), both hot and cold. Spanish favorites, like gambas, picanha and jamon, are mixed with dishes from other Mediterranean countires like moules marinieres, risotto and bruschetta. We took a mix of different tapas and they were all delicious! For dessert we took an old favorite... churros! You have a choice of three different dipping sauces for your churros: hazlenut, chocolate and vanilla creme with cloudberries. They are also open for lunch when they serve both "today's lunch" as well as a smaller tapas menu.
Dining room
Cultur has a great location in Gamla Stan, which is starting to become a fantastic neighbourhood for restaurants. They are actually right across the street from their sister restaurant Den Gyldene Freden. It is very easy to get there from the Rival Hotel... basically just a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel!
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