Social Media at the Rival Hotel

If you have been following my blog... you might have noticed that, over the past three weeks, I haven't been as prolific at posting as I normally am. Besides some vacation time, this is mainly due to the fact that I have recently taken over the reins as social media coordinator at the Rival Hotel (at least for the next few months). What this means is that, besides my work as Concierge and blogger, I will be taking care of Rival's different pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. All in an effort to increase the hotel's social media footprint. I will still be blogging and as soon as I get everything organized I will be back to blogging on a more regular basis.
The Rival is much more than just a hotel. We have a popular Bistro (restaurant), several bars, meeting & event facilities, a Café and a theatre... plus lots of happenings. Because of this we have several pages on different social media channels. For those of you who are fans of the hotel, or otherwise curious, here are the Rival's different social media accounts:

  • Facebook- The Rival Hotel. In English. Information about all aspects of the hotel (including bar, bistro, conference and café).
  • Facebook- The Rival Bar & Bistro. In Swedish. Information regarding the Bistro and bars.
  • Facebook- Café Rival. In Swedish. Information about our popular café. 
  • Facebook- Scenen på Rival. In Swedish. Information about the Rival Theatre and the different artists and shows. 
  • Instagram- Hotel Rival. In English. Overview of the hotel and everything inside... 
  • Instagram- Rival Bar & Bistro. In Swedish. A look at the Bistro, Café, Bistro Bar, Cocktail Bar and Lobby Bar.
  • Twitter- The Rival Hotel. In English. Overview of the hotel and everything going on inside...
  • Twitter- Rival Bar & Bistro. In Swedish. What is going on in the Bistro, Café, various bars as well as the theatre.

  • Pinterest- The Hotel Rival. In English. Everything about the Rival as well as Stockholm and other sources of inspiration.
So like and follow us on the social media sites that interest you. And make sure you "check in" when visiting us and share your pictures, videos and thoughts! And use the hashtags #hotelrival #bistrorival #caferival when possible. 


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