Restaurant Brasserie Bobonne

The restaurant, street view.
It was my birthday this past weekend and, to celebrate, I went to dinner with a few friends on Saturday night. Since it was my choice and I like trying new restaurants, I booked a table at a restaurant that I had heard good things about... Brasserie Bobonne.
Bobonne, as the name suggests, is a French restaurant and the menu was filled with classic French dishes and flavors. The restaurant is located on a smaller street in the Östermalm neighbourhood and both the exterior and interior are reminiscent of Parisian brasserie (with a touch of Scandinavian clean design details). It is smaller in size and has an intimate atmosphere. Cosy! And just like a French brasserie, the menu is on a chalkboard which the waiter brings to the table.
Chanterelle soup.
The dinner was great... from aperitif to dessert. There are many classic French dishes on the menu that most diners will recognize, like boeuf bourguignon, chèvre chaud, escargot and crème brûlée. But there were also several dishes that were more seasonal, like chanterelle soup, venison with Savoy cabbage and blueberry soufflé.
Boeuf bourguignon... perfect on an autumn evening.
I opted for the more classic dishes... starting with the escargot, then the boeuf bourguignon, finally ending with an apple sorbet. My friends all took different dishes and it was nice to see the different options. The service was very good and the waiter chose perfect wines for the different dishes. One of my friends is lactose intolerant and they were able to put together great choices for her.
Veal with cauliflower and smoked bacon.
Bobonne is a great choice if you desire upscale French dining (with more rustic cuisine) in Stockholm. The easiest way to get there from the Rival Hotel is by subway... it is just four stations away on the red line (Östermalmstorg stop). Otherwise it is a 7-8 minute taxi ride. It is a smaller restaurant so booking a table in advance is recommended! Click here for more restaurant recommendations/reviews.
It was a gorgeous autumn evening... 


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