"Kockarnas Kock": Stockholm's Best Chefs and Restaurants According to Other Chefs.

From my recent visit to Oaxen Slip.
For the 24th year in a row, the magazine Restaurangvärlden has come out with a list of the best chefs and restaurants in Sweden called Kockarnas Kock ("chef's chef"). What makes this list interesting is that the jury is made up of 100 of the best chefs in Sweden. Who better than a chef to know which restaurants are great? While the list includes chefs and restaurants in all of Sweden, here is a list showing how chefs and restaurants from greater Stockholm fared. The full list can be found in the link above.

From my recent visit to Volt.
Best chefs (this year's ranking, name, restaurant and last year's ranking)

3. Sayan Isaksson, Esperanto (1).
4. Mathias Dahlgren, Mathias Dahlgren (2).
5. Björn Frantzén, Restaurant Frantzén (4).
6. Magnus Ek, Oaxen Krog & Slip, (7).
7. Jacob Holmström, Gastrologik (9).
8. Paul Svensson, Fotografiska (12).
10. Tom Sjöstedt, Lilla Ego (11).
11. Fredrik Johnsson, Volt (new!).
12. Stefan Ekengren, Görvälns Slott in Järfälla (15).
13. Daniel Höglander, Aloë in Älvsjö (new!).
14. Adam Dahlberg, Adam & Albin Matstudio (10).
15. Fredrik Eriksson, Långbro Värdshus in Långbro (new!).
16. Johan Jureskog, AG (14).
17. Olle T Celton, Babette (new!).
18. Petter Nilsson, Spritmuseum (new!).
19. Stefano Catenacci, Operakällaren (new!).
20. Mikael Einarsson, Pubologi (8).

Best restaurants (this year's ranking, name and last year's ranking).

3. Restaurant Frantzén (2).
4. Esperanto (3).
5. Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren (5).
6. Oaxen Krog (6).
7. Gastrologik (16.).
8. Lilla Ego (8).
9. Volt (new!).
10. Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen (11).
11. Operakällaren (18).
12. Ekstedt (9).
13. Shibumi (new!).
14. Oaxen Slip (17).
15. Punk Royale (new!).
16. Aloë in Älvsjö (new!).
17. Fotografiska (new!).
18. Restaurang AG (12).
19. Spritmuseum (20).
20. Pubologi (new!).

From my recent visit to Spritmuseum.
As you can see, Stockholm chefs and restaurants occupy nearly the entire lists... just the two top spots go to chefs & restaurants outside of the city. And they are pretty far out in the countryside. These honors go to Daniel Berlin of Daniel Berlin (best chef and 2nd best restaurant) and Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken Magasinet (2nd best chef and best restaurant). Tommy Myllymäki did take 9th place in the chefs\ list. Interesting to note that he will be opening a restaurant in Stockholm next year. Stay tuned! Please keep in mind that these restaurants are all popular and generally require advance booking. If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me if you need help in reserving a table. Click here for other restaurant lists and guides.
From a visit to Operakällaren.


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