Autumn Sightseeing Options

Stockholm harbour.
Summer is over and that means the high season has also come to an end. I took some visiting family on a Royal Canal Boat tour the other day and thought a blog article about what sightseeing options with the Strömma company are available this time of year would be in order.
Boarding the Royal Canal Tour.
While many sightseeing tours are only available during the high season, you still have many options, though often with fewer departures:


On board the Royal Canal Tour, guided in 11 languages.
These are the main tours available from Strömma, the main sightseeing company operating in Stockholm. Check their website for other options, departure times and upcoming winter tours. There are, of course, several smaller sightseeing companies as well as private sightseeing tours available. If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me directly to find out more about these options.
Views from boat tour...
You never know what you will see.


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