Restaurant Gro

A recent gastronomic trend in Sweden has been restaurants focusing on organically grown and locally produced fruits and vegetables with meat and fish used as compliments to the vegetable dishes... giving diners the option of opting out meat dishes completely. Good news for vegetarians/vegans! Two examples of restaurants that follow this trend, and do it well, are Fotografiska and Spritmuseum.
Kitchen within the restaurant.
Another example is Restaurant Gro, which I had the pleasure of visiting yesterday. The restaurant is located in the Vasastan neighbourhood, just on the northern bridgehead of the Saint Erik's bridge. It is a small, unassuming restaurant with only about 20 seats and would be quite easy to miss when walking by. I heard that it used to once be the location of a butcher shop. The interior is simple and charming, with an urban feel.
Zucchini, peas and mint.
The "kitchen" is in the restaurant, along the back wall, and is basically a counter where the two chefs stand. This makes it all much more impressive when you see what is created in this little space. The set up means that it isn't uncommon if one of the chefs comes out with your dishes and stays to explain what he has just given you. The chefs both have work experience at high end restaurants in Stockholm and this shows in their ambition.
Tomato, eggplant and sheep's cheese.
The menu is made up of two four course set menus... "vegivor" (100% vegetarian) and "omnivor" (with meat & fish). The price for the set menu, at 500 SEK, is very agreeable. You also have the choice of ordering a wine-pairing menu. We chose the vegetarian "vegivor" menu (when in Rome...) with the wine-pairing. There was a theme to the wine-pairings with all of the wines coming from the Loire valley.
Tuscan kale, beans and miso.
On the evening we were there, the vegivor menu consisted of 1) zucchini, green peas and mint 2) tomato, eggplant and sheep's cheese 3)Tuscan kale, beans and miso 4) blueberries, almonds and frozen sour cream. It was all very delicious and my favorites were the tomato dish and the dessert. I have to admit to being a big carnivore, but I do find it interesting to eat a vegetarian dinner when it is done creatively and with passion.
Blueberries, almonds and frozen sour cream.
As it is a small restaurant, booking a table in advance is highly recommended. To get to Gro from the Rival Hotel, take the northbound subway (green line) from nearby Slussen and disembark at the St Eriksplan station. Exit to St Eriksplan itself and then it is just a five minute walk down St Eriksgatan to the restaurant. Clich here to see other restaurant recommendations and reviews.
Hole-in-the-wall... don't miss it!
View from nearby St Erik's bridge.


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